Arno De Pooter

°1991, Lives in Antwerp, Belgium

Photographer and artist Arno De Pooter creates a world without clutter. If it’s a man on the beach or a street corner, he’s always looking for pure settings. His photographs inhabit a certain kind of serenity and calmness that can feel a bit surreal at times.A master graduate in fine arts, the Antwerp-based photographer states: ‘These atmospheres are almost always a reaction to the way my brain perceives this extremely chaotic world. A world in which I feel more like a spectator, surrounded with an abundance of stimuli. It might be the way I would like the see the world, a bit more structured (a bit less overwhelming).’

All his photography projects are the result of a long period of reshaping and molding of his images until the right often hidden and obscured narrative comes to live.

Curriculum vitae


2016                Technicum North Antwerp, [TNA], Antwerp, BE
|                      Teacher education
2015                Royale Academy of Fine Art Antwerp, [KASKA], Antwerp, BE
|                      Master in Fine Arts in Photography
2013                Karel de Grote College, [KDG], Antwerp, BE
|                      Bachelor in Visual techniques


2017                Group Exhibition, Axel Enthoven by Kurt Vanbelleghem, BE
2016                Group Exhibition, Jong talent, Zoersel & Malle, BE
2015                Group Exhibition, Art Festival Closer/Dichterbij, Antwerp, BE
2015                Group Exhibition ‘We never said you would be famous’, Antwerp Art Weekend, Antwerp, BE
2014                Group Exhibition ‘Unknown masterpieces’, International Photo Festival Knokke-Heist, BE
2014                Solo Exhibition, Art gallery Kermistraat, Roeselare, BE
2014                Group Exhibition, Conceptstore Jef Antwerp, Antwerp, BE
2013                Group Exhibition, Bring Your Own Beamer, Museum Of Modern Arts Antwerp, BE
2013                Group Exhibition, kotroute Antwerp, BE


2017                Artwork, Playfield collective, BE
2017                Video artwork for restaurant de Pastorale, Rumst, BE
2017                Online gallery Phinest, serie: Bleach, here we are & fixations, Zürich, CH
2015                Interpretation of fashion oeuvre from Marinalondon
2015                Collaboration with theatre company Flabberghast, Artwork, Antwerp, BE
2014                2nd Annual New York Times lens portfolio review, Invitation to participate is awarded to 150 photographic artists internationally
2014                Guest Lecture, Pop-up store Hello Bank, Brussels, BE


2017                In depth interview, Phinest gallerij, LINK
2015-2016       Post on Ignant, booooooom, We the urban, Belgium Trendolizer, Bakmagazine
2014                “A photo editor” Article by Jonathan Blaustein


2017                Teacher for Piazza, Antwerp, BE
2016                Teacher at kisp, Zelzate, BE
|                      Teacher at Kisp, Ghent, BE
|                      Teacher for Piazza, Lennik & Hove, BE
|                      Teacher at Sint Lukas, Brussels, BE
2014-2015      Guest jurymember, dé kunsthumaniora, Art school, Antwerp, BE
|                      Photoshop workshop, pop-up store Hello bank, Brussels, BE