H E L L O 

How to make contact?

Below you can find my email address. Use this for any type of questions or mind boggling universal mystery to be solved. Other possible email topics:

  • Where to buy prints? (see below)
  • Any type of collaboration
  • Let’s meet up and talk about a project
  • Photoshop lessons
  • Surprise! I bought you an island


Where to buy prints?

There are two ways to buy a print.

  1. Contact me (see above) and tell me what you desire.
  2. Some of my photographs are for sale in the online gallery ‘Phinest’. Where you can choose between a variety of frames and sizes. 

Online ‘Phinest’ online gallery  PRESS ME

All photographs come in limited editions. Varying from 5 to 10 prints per photograph, depending on which serie.