My final Master project took place in an abandoned office building in which I created three different rooms. In these rooms, I devoted considerable time and focus to the setting of the pictures on show; even – I think – moving beyond pure representation.
In total I created three rooms.


Sanctuary shows a self-portrait of me without any facial hair. The picture was then printed on a 3 by 4 meters scale, and glued to a wall – which it completely covered – in a room which I had specially prepared for it. This room its floor, ceiling and walls were painted pure white to create a brilliant atmosphere. I emphasized this effect with ten of the most powerful neon lamps on the ceiling and another four embedded in the walls. The final touch was the scent, which I acquired from my local drugstore because I had been intrigued by it for quite some time. It’s the product they use to clean the store. Its smell is a mixture of hospital disinfectant and something else I can’t describe. The very kind owner made me a small bottle which consisted of two different products which I then used to clean the room several times.


This room was 12 meter long and draped on both sides in black theater cloth. At the end of this dark space there was a 2 by 3 meter cut-out where a Plexiglas picture of waves (from the series fixture) was illuminated from behind in random, near epilepsy inducing bursts.

Dark 02

The third room was equally dark as the strobe room and showed an image 1 by 1.5 meters printed with a very matte finish. A special lamp only cast its low-intensity light on the photograph that almost seemed to disappear into the darkness.